How Does Bonus Work In An Online Casino?

Although bonuses are of course created to entice the lover of games of chance to play in the (online) casino, the provider does not want to lose too much. With all kinds of conditions, the casino online slot malaysia therefore covers itself against smart players who think they will run off with the money obtained. We see this in the non-cashable bonus, among other things. That means that the bonus is for placing bets only. Often there is also a play-around condition that leads us to the following example.


Imagine that you receive a non-cashable bonus of 100% up to a maximum of 400 euros and you are dealing with a wagering requirement of 40 times. You then manage to spin forty times with a deposit of 100 euros and eventually end up with a balance of 1200 euros. This amount consists of the profit and therefore the bonus of 100 euros. The consequence? That you therefore only get paid 1100 euros, while the bonus of 100 euros disappears. This is also why the non-cashable bonus is also known as the phantom bonus.

This disappearing nature makes it seem like the bonus is completely useless, yet that’s not entirely true. The bonus money itself can be used as usual and therefore also lead to prizes that will be paid out again. The only thing that is not included in the final payout is the (fixed) amount of this non-cashable bonus.

Free Spins

What are free spins at an online casino? Free spins, also known as ‘free spins’, make it possible for a player to play a video slot or slot machine without using their own money. Free spins are often part of a welcome bonus or given to players to try out a new video slot or slot machine. In addition to free money, you can often also receive free spins for the online slot machines. Always sign up for the online casino newsletter to be informed of the latest free spins promotions! For example, if a new game is launched, you can try this out as a registered player with a number of free spins. You can use the profit you make with these spins for an even higher profit. This way you can still win big prizes without even depositing 1 euro! You can also read all about this in the casino news.

Recommendation and recruitment bonus

What is a referral bonus or recruitment bonus? A referral bonus or recruitment bonus is a reward for players of an online casino that convinces friends to also play and deposit money at the same online casino. So if you are very satisfied with a particular online casino, check the casino’s bonus and promotion page to see if they also offer a recommendation or recruiting bonus.